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Tiling and rendering on non-porous surfaces: Part 2

In the first part of this blog series, we talked about permanent formwork and how (SWP) Scientific Waterproofing Products’ EASY BOND can be an excellent base for the installation of renders, tiles and other stonework on it.

We also discussed which products are recommended to waterproof permanent formwork – especially at a point called the cold joint.

Now that you have EASY BOND as the cementitious key coat bonding bridge on your permanent formwork, we will determine in this blog the best waterproofing products for your specific tiling and rendering requirements.

Read on to learn more.

The right waterproofing products for home tiling

Do you want to cover your plastic permanent formwork with stone cladding?

Tiling can give your nonporous surface a new look by laying pieces of marble, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain or other kinds of natural stones on it.

Once EASY BOND is already applied to your permanent formwork, you can now apply SWP’s Drizoro cement-based waterproof coatings and other waterproofing solutions to attach your tiles, brick biscuits and other stone cladding to it.

Our recommended products for tiling are the following:

  • MAXKOLA® FLEX is an improved cement adhesive mortar with reduced slip and extended open time (type and class C2TE), composed of hydraulic and synthetic binders that, once mixed with water, provides a high-performance mortar with excellent adhesion and flexibility. It is suitable for tiling of low porosity tiles, and on non-rigid substrates on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • MAXJOINT® FLEX, on the other hand, is a single component product formulated from cement, selected aggregates and special additives. It provides extremely high adhesion to common construction materials and the capacity to absorb substrate deformation.


MAXKOLA® FLEX is applied when tiling low porosity or nonporous tiles on walls and substrates subject to movements like facades, underfloor heating systems, roofs, timber and formwork made of plastic.

It can also be applied to substrates that are subject to water immersion such as swimming pools, fountains and water tanks. Some of the advantages the product offers include:

  • Very high adhesion on non-porous substrates and with good mechanical performance
  • Good flexibility, absorbing movements from the substrate due to shrinkage processes, thermal dilatations and more
  • Easy to use with a long open time
  • Excellent water retention

On the other hand, MAXJOINT® FLEX is used for the pointing of joints in brick, stone, concrete blocks and all types of masonry. It is also ideal for tiles over substrates that are subject to movements such as facades, terraces, wood, floor heating systems, outdoor pavements and more.

Some benefits of MAXJOINT® FLEX include the following:

  • Suitable for the pointing of all types of ceramic tile (glazed or unglazed), marble, porcelain mosaic, etc.
  • Very high durability without maintenance
  • Excellent bond strength on every surface
  • Reliable in waterproofing the joint from rainwater
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Hardens without stress
  • Suitable for permanent immersion

The right waterproofing products for Rendering

Rendering is performed if you want to put acrylic on top of your EASY BOND and permanent formwork. It is a similar technique to plastering – the only difference is that rendering involves the exterior walls while plastering is done for interior ones.
Acrylic renders like those from Rockcote® are often used for aesthetic purposes, but they can also make your walls more durable from other elements.


CONCRESEAL® PLASTERING-M is a mono-component mortar composed of cement, carefully controlled silica aggregates and special additives. It is designed for waterproofing, levelling, protection and decoration of concrete and masonry, in one single layer with a thickness between 3.0 and 5.0 mm.

In addition, you can rely on CONCRESEAL® PLASTERING-M to provide protection against weathering and freeze-thaw cycles. It also offers other advantages such as:

  • Very good adhesion to substrate: it fills and seals all porous parts of the surface and becomes part of the structure of the substrate
  • Requires no primer or bonding agent
  • Resistant to UV rays and aggressive environments such as seacoasts, zones with air pollution, etc.
  • Long-lasting solution with no maintenance required
  • Fully compatible with cement-based coatings
  • One-component which only requires water for mixing
  • Easy to apply by trowel, roller or spay methods
  • Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, cement-based, and solvent-free product

Choosing quality products to tile and render on nonporous surfaces

To ensure the best results for your tiling and rendering, you can use MAXKOLA® FLEX, MAXJOINT® FLEX and CONCRESEAL® PLASTERING-M in conjunction with the appropriate technical data bulletins and material safety data sheets available from our office or website.

You can also consult our local Australian waterproofing specialists.

If you’re looking for where to find these waterproofing solutions, SWP products are available at Paint Place branches.

Each Paint Place store is locally owned and operated, so you can always expect expert advice and professional service. Their specialists can also help you with all of your painting project needs, including colour advice and step-by-step guidance.

SWP for all your waterproofing needs

Our team at SWP is here to provide you with the right waterproofing for your unique situation.

We offer a number of Drizoro cement-based waterproof coatings and other waterproofing solutions for all your building, maintenance and restoration requirements.

If you’ve got any questions or issues around waterproofing, or you’d like to find out which product is best for your needs, contact us today! You can also check out a list of local Drizoro resellers and applicators here.

As always, SWP is committed to providing the right waterproofing solution to any problem or application.

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