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5 things to consider when choosing the best waterproofing solution

One of the things you can do to protect your home is waterproofing. Waterproofing eliminates the risks and hassles of water-related issues like leaks, cracks, rising damp and water pooling. But with all the waterproofing choices in the market:

  • How do you find the best waterproofing products to use?
  • What are factors to consider to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth and be right for your needs?

We’ve prepared a simple guide to help you decide the best waterproofing solution.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the right waterproofing solution?

If you’re looking to buy waterproofing solutions, people from retail stores, convenience shops and hardware outlets will typically recommend waterproofing materials that are based on polyurethane or bitumen. These waterproofing products are versatile and commonly used for both commercial and residential properties. However, the question is – will they be right for your budget, busy schedule and specific waterproofing needs? Or will it be better to explore alternative, more advanced waterproofing options in the market? To get the best waterproofing product for your requirements, here are some factors you should consider:

  1. Time

Will this waterproofing product be convenient?
Most waterproofing products must be applied to perpetually dry surfaces for them to work. The problem is, the only time you’ll know you have a waterproofing problem is when the surface is already wet. That leaves you with no choice but to wait for a few days, allowing the surface to dry completely first before applying the waterproofing coating. However, cement-based waterproofing products don’t have this issue, making them more convenient and efficient. At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), we have a whole range of Drizoro cement-based waterproofing products made from high-quality raw materials to solve your problems. Our waterproofing products work well with wet substrates and surfaces to enable you to immediately address water-related damages and prevent further complications from occurring.

  1. Weather conditions

Do I have to apply this waterproofing solution during a specific weather or season?
Usually, you’ll be advised to apply waterproofing products only when the weather is warm and dry. You’ll also often hear not to apply waterproofing solutions during winter. However, this can be a challenge, especially in cases where you urgently need to waterproof your home to protect its foundations and structure. Fortunately, our products don’t have this weather limitation either. Backed by our years of waterproofing experience and expertise, we have perfected the approach of delivering waterproofing products that can be applied in all conditions, all year round. So, even if it had just rained or there was a high moisture concentration prior to the application process, you can still use our Drizoro products. Just remember to remove any puddled water that has formed on the surface first.

  1. Ease of application

Do I need to buy or prepare a lot of things before I can use the waterproofing product?
To waterproof any area, the surface must be clean and tidy before the waterproofing solution is applied. You also need to remove all materials like paint, tiles and adhesives, regardless of the product you use. On top of this, most waterproofing products also require a primer (such as water-based epoxy or latex) to be applied to the surface beforehand. With Drizoro products, however, you only need just water as a primer! It’s super easy and convenient.

  1. After the application process

What do I do next with the substrate?
The curing time of waterproofing solutions can vary a lot – that is the ‘resting’ time after the waterproofing product is applied. Keep an eye on how long each suggests you wait, so you can fit this in with your schedule. With Drizoro products, we often recommend letting the surface cure for 7 days before applying any additional cover, such as paint, on top of it. If it’s a water tank, we advise that it isn’t filled with water until after 14 days if Drizoro Maxseal Flex is used or 5 days if Drizoro Maxseal Flex M is applied. If this delay is too long, we offer Drizoro Maxseal Flex Express, where the second coat can be applied after 1 hour and then tiling can be done 2 hours after the second coat, meaning the tank can be filled with water after just 3 days. Our products give you complete peace of mind due to our products having what’s known as a ‘trafficable membrane’ – this means it can withstand hydrostatic pressure and support layers of concrete added over it.

  1. Cost

Can I save money using this waterproofing product?
While it’s easy to compare two waterproofing products based on the price tag on the shelf alone, the so-called cheaper alternative may actually be costing you more. For instance, a lot of petrochemical-based or synthetic waterproofing products have to be applied to the substrate when it is no more than 15% wet. Since this is difficult to measure without a tool, most retail teams will encourage you to buy a moisture meter device. In addition, you’ll also have to purchase a primer that works well with your waterproofing solution. There are also potential costly damages that can occur if your waterproofing is applied during the wrong time and season. Some solutions also require more product to do the job than others, meaning you have to buy multiple bags. So, before you even start, you have already incurred so many expenses! This is where SWP is different. Our products don’t have to be expensive to guarantee quality. They also only require water to serve as a primer, and generally speaking, you have to use less product in comparison to other waterproofing options, allowing you to save money.

What is the importance of choosing the correct waterproofing solution?

Selecting the right waterproofing products can make a significant difference in preventing water intrusion that could destroy the beauty of your property. With quality waterproofing solutions, you can also proactively prevent costly leaks, cracks and damages that can be harmful. At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), we have a complete range of Drizoro products that not only strengthen and waterproof your walls and concrete ceilings, but also cater to your time, budget and overall convenience. These high-quality waterproofing products include:

  • Drizoro Maxseal Flex M – Mix with water to create a high-performance flexible coating for waterproofing and protecting concrete against positive and negative pressure.
  • Drizoro Maxseal Flex – Once applied and cured, this product provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with high adhesion on common substrates in construction, including concrete, natural and artificial stone, traditional mortar plasters, acrylic render such as Rockcote®, bricks, concrete blocks, Hebel®, permanent formwork such as Dincel®, Rediwall®, Rise Products®, Permaform®, Zeggo® and much more.
  • Drizoro Maxrest – a quick setting, non-shrink, repair mortar for spalling or concrete cancer which firmly adheres to the surface which it is applied to restore concrete to its original condition.
  • Drizoro Maxplug – A quick-setting waterproof mortar that stops running water or active leaks within cracks, holes and any other openings in concrete, masonry and various other substrates.

Choose the right waterproofing solutions for your home

You deserve to live in a home that is free from water damage. Fortunately, the SWP team is here to provide you with the right waterproofing products for your situation. We offer various Drizoro cement-based waterproof coatings for your maintenance or restoration requirements. For all your waterproofing-related questions and issues, or to find out which product is best for your needs, contact us today. You can also check our list of local Drizoro resellers and applicators.

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