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7 Steps to Waterproofing Your Project Site’s Basement

As a construction or building professional, you know that having a wet basement can damage the overall structure of your project and potentially disrupt its foundations.

Flooding, dripping water and ongoing dampness or pooling can weaken walls and ceilings, causing cracks, leaks and foundational decay that will likely require costly repairs in the near future.

The presence of excess moisture in your project site’s basement can also lead to the growth of mould, causing allergies or other health issues that can be harmful to people. That’s not to mention that a wet basement also usually lowers the overall value of a building project.

Correct waterproofing can address and prevent all of these problems.

But how do you waterproof a basement correctly? 

Among all the waterproofing products in the market, which are the best ones to use in a basement?

Here’s a quick guide to help guide you.

Choosing the right waterproofing products for your project site’s basement

Waterproofing strengthens and makes the surfaces of a basement water-resistant. It also enables you to protect the structural integrity of the basement so the space is useable and adequately protected.

However, to get the best results from waterproofing, you must apply the right waterproofing solutions. 

At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), we offer an extensive range of cement-based waterproofing products that are made from high-quality raw materials and backed by a 10-year product warranty for all of your repair and maintenance needs.

Our waterproofing products offer the following benefits to help you achieve excellent results from waterproofing:

  • Drizoro products can easily and conveniently be used.

Most waterproofing products require a lot of preparation before you can utilise them. However, with our cement-based Drizoro products, you only need to tidy and repair the surface before waterproofing. The use of water as a primer is also another advantage that our products offer.

  • Drizoro products are fully submersible and can be applied to wet surfaces.

What separates Drizoro waterproofing products from others in the market is how they can be applied to a wet substrate. Our cement-based solutions also don’t come with any weather or seasonal restrictions, so they can be used even in the most severe conditions. This avoids delays, allowing you to waterproof even before the substrate dries and cures completely.

  • Drizoro products can withstand both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.

Our Drizoro products can handle both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, which makes them suitable for both positive and negative waterproofing.

They can also withstand as much as 50 metres of negative head pressure and 110 meters of positive head pressure. So, regardless of the depth or the number of levels in your basement, you can always rely on SWP products to get the job done.

  • Our cement-based products are available in white or grey.

As there isn’t much natural light, basements are typically painted in white or grey so there will be as much reflected light as possible. Fortunately, our cement-based waterproofing products are available in these colours. By using them, you can waterproof the basement and achieve the white or grey finish in one step.

How to waterproof your project site’s basement

With our reliable cement-based solutions that not only waterproof but also strengthen walls and concrete ceilings, you can prevent water infiltration and protect your basement from various water-related problems.

But how do you properly waterproof a site’s basement?

Below is a step-by-step guide to waterproofing a basement using Drizoro’s cement-based waterproofing products:

  1. Prepare the basement area to be treated by removing any loose materials, ensuring a clean and sound surface.
  2. Any damage to the surface should be repaired using MAXREST.
  3. Any missing mortar can be replaced with either MAXREST or MAXJOINT ELASTIC if movement is required.
  4. Next, thoroughly wet the entire basement surface before applying the coating:
    1. a. Use MAXSEAL FLEX or MAXSEAL FLEX M on previously treated surfaces or surfaces subject to movement.
    2. b. Use MAXSEAL FOUNDATION where no previous coatings are present or no movement is expected.
    3. c. MAXMESH is to be embedded into the first coat while it is wet. Lightly overcoat this to hold it in place, then fully overcoat it during the second application.
  5. Use DRIZORO products as the finish coat, then alternatively paint, tile, cement or acrylic render the basement surface as required.
  6. Apply a flick coat of 3 parts cement to 1 part washed crushed river sand. Then, allow to dry prior to cement rendering
  7. If efflorescence is present, make sure to address the problem before waterproofing your site’s basement.

Are you ready to waterproof your project site’s basement?

Using our Drizoro products, you can effectively and efficiently waterproof the basement and avoid future problems.

Our products are scientifically designed to safeguard your basement and entire building project against excess and unwanted moisture that can otherwise be stressful and costly to deal with.

If you want to learn more about our cement-based waterproofing products and why they are the right solutions for your project, just consult our local Australian waterproofing specialists!  

Get the right specification of waterproofing product for your next project

At Scientific Waterproofing Products, our team is here to provide you with the most effective waterproofing for your unique project.   

We offer a wide range of Drizoro cement-based waterproof coatings that are made from high-quality raw materials and backed by a 10-year product warranty.   

If you’ve got any questions or issues around your next waterproofing job, or you’d like to find out which product is best for your project, contact us today! You can also check out a list of local Drizoro resellers and applicators here.  

As always, SWP is committed to providing the right waterproofing solution for any water-related problem or application.  

Don't just Waterproof it... Drizoro it!

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