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Case Study: Maximising Waterproofing Efficiency with Maxseal Traffic

The Situation

In an inner-city suburb of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), a block of apartments faced a critical challenge involving water leaking through the concrete slab over the property’s underground parking area. The leaks primarily affected the block’s podium(courtyard) area.

In response, and to avoid any threats to the integrity of the building’s foundation, the building’s Body Corporate sought a budget-friendly solution that addressed these leaks whilesupporting their need to maintain a durable and trafficable podium surface.

While more traditional repair methods, such as those involving lifting off and replacing the tiles, were suggested, they were deemed too damaging and costly, prompting the Body Corporate to search for an alternative, less-invasive approach.

The Challenge

The primary challenge the Body Corporate faced stemmed from the water leaks appearing in the concrete slab. The leaks were not limited to a specific area, and the slab was beginning to exhibit stress cracks, which were further exacerbating the situation.

With some of the more invasive and more traditional repair methods deemed impractical and off the cards, the Body Corporate faced the challenge of:

• repairing multiple leaks,
• addressing stress cracks,
• finding a cost-effective solution,
• keeping the surface trafficable, and
• ensuring long-lasting and durable success.
The building’s Body Corporate needed a resilient and cost-efficient solution.

This was when StressLess Waterproofing and CE Industries, who supply and utilise Drizoro Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), were brought on board with the ideal solution and waterproofing products to complete the job.

The Solution

The solution proposed, and ultimately pursued, involved the dual use of the Drizoro MAXJOINT® Elastic Express, a quick-setting waterproof; trafficable; UV stable; highly flexible; cement-based control joint mortar, and the Drizoro MAXSEAL® Traffic, a cement-based waterproofing membrane known for its UV stability, flexibility, and traffic-bearing capabilities.

The first step was to address the stress cracks that had formed in the concrete withMAXJOINT® Elastic Express. This is a two-component product composed of:

1. Component A: Special synthetic resins in water dispersion.

2. Component B: Cements, additives, and special aggregates.


The value of the product lies in the fact that when both components are mixed, an elastomeric quicksetting waterproof; trafficable; UV stable; highly flexible; cement-based control joint mortar is achieved, suitable for urgent sealing of joints and cracks. To implement this, the StressLess Waterproofing team followed the basic application instructions:

1. Surface preparation: the team removed the existing tiles and screed from the area andidentified cracks more than 3mm wide.  Using a grinder, the cracks were made larger into a “U” shape (minimum 10mm wide and deep). The team then ensured the surfacewas clean, solid, and free of contaminants before dampening it with water and waitingfor a matte appearance.

2. Mixing: they then combined the pre-weighed components A and B and mixed them for 2-3 minutes until homogeneous, then allowed a 5-minute rest before briefly remixingthe pot.

3. Application: they then applied the mixture to the wet surface using a trowel pushingagainst the joint bottom to avoid air bubbles.
4. Curing: Finally, after allowing 3 days for permanent water immersion, it was time to undertake the waterproofing stage.

From here, MAXSEAL® Traffic was applied.

The product’s unique application process involved:

1. Surface preparation: due to the previous application of MAXJOINT® Elastic Express, the surface was now structurally sound and free from voids, holes, and static cracks. To start, the team ensured the concrete was thoroughly wet.

2. Mixing: the team then combined the pre-weighed components A (a special liquid resin) and B (powder) by pouring 3/4 of the liquid resin into a tub and mixing with a low-speed drill for 2-3 minutes before adding the remaining resin.

3. Application: the team then used a hard fibre brush, like the MAXBRUSH, to apply the mix to the wet surface.  Using a brushing movement ensures effective coverage and penetration into cracks and capillaries. Whilst the first coat of MAXSEAL® Traffic was wet, the team added MaxMesh over the joints, particularly cold joints, for added reinforcement.
4. Curing: the team waited approximately 24 hours before the second coat could beapplied. For the second coat, the surface was made wet again before brushing on the final coat of MAXSEAL® Traffic.

In the end, t
he decision to use MAXJOINT® Elastic Express in combination with MAXSEAL® Traffic not only addressed the waterproofing problem, but also eliminated the need for costly tile replacements. This innovative solution allowed for efficient waterproofing, crack repair, and enhanced structural protection.

The Outcome

The outcome of applying Scientific Waterproofing Products’ (SWP) unique dual formula ofMAXJOINT® Elastic Express and MAXSEAL® Traffic offered a comprehensive solution for the Body Corporate and the building’s residents.

The cement-based membrane proved its effectiveness by providing a robust, UV-stable, and trafficable surface that eliminated all water leaks and stress cracks in the concrete slab. By ensuring the application process involved the extra meticulous steps, including crack repair, membrane application, and the embedding of MaxMesh for added reinforcement, SWP was able to ensure a long-lasting solution.

In the end, the finished surface exhibited an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and the textured finish added a safe and industrial touch, making sure the podium was suitable for the outdoor climate, as well as consistent use and traffic.

The durability and flexibility of the MAXSEAL® Traffic product also allowed for potential aesthetic changes down the line with paint or epoxy, should the Body Corporate opt for such additions. Drainage solutions were also implemented to address future ponding issues, further enhancing the longevity and safety of the podium and surrounding structures.

Notably, this waterproofing project had minimal impact on the residents of the building, as the non-toxic nature of the products used offered a safe environment both during and after application.

Finally, the project timeline proved as fast as it was effective, with initial conversations in August 2022 leading to completion in January 2023. It’s also worth noting that, as a final tick of approval, Drizoro, the product provider, conducted inspections and offered a 10-year product warranty.

Overall, the adoption of MAXSEAL® Traffic not only resolved the immediate waterproofing challenges associated with the project, but also presented a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and resilient solution for the long-term benefit of the block of apartments in Canberra, ACT.

The success of the project showcased the efficiency and adaptability of MAXSEAL® Traffic in addressing complex waterproofing issues, especially with the support of MAXJOINT® Elastic Express.

With SWP’s MAXSEAL® Traffic, you can get the perfect waterproofing solution that can withstand vehicle traffic and avoid UV damage.

At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), our MAXSEAL® Traffic provides a transparent and durable finish to prevent water damage.

Like the rest of our waterproofing products, MAXSEAL® Traffic is environmentally friendly and is registered by The International EPD® System and EPD Australasia, meaning you can protect your project, your clients, and the environment.

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