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Cleaning Liquids


Fluid applied cleaner that removes efflorescence from
concrete, brick, block, stucco and other masonry surfaces.

For industrial, commercial and residential use on sidewalks, driveways, parking decks, any type of hard concrete, floors, ramps, roofs, roof deck, brick, concrete blocks, pavers, stucco, bathroom tiles, toilet bowls and cinder block or any surface that needs cleaning.

Is a specially formulated INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONCENTRATED fluid applied degreaser and cleaner for use in cleaning cement substrate, driveways, parking lots, car parks etc. for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Cleaning of sidewalks, drive ways new or old constructions affected by pollution.

  • Removes pollution stains and dirt from solid and fluid fuels, road traffic, industrial fall out. etc., on concrete, brick,tiles or stone.
  • Ramps, oil stained concrete, barges, car parks, gas stations, shopping centres.

Is a degreaser and cleaner specially formulated for industrial, commercial and residential use.
Its non-hazardous formulation with no solvents or other aggressive chemicals, allows effective cleaning. This special blend is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, bio degradable and has no harmful effects on the environment does not change the colour, appearance and texture of the substrate. Surface is ready for painting, leaves no residue.