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Concreseal® Plastering-M for protecting, maintaining and waterproofing concrete and masonry

Concrete, while strong and durable, needs to be waterproofed, protected and well-maintained over time.

Because it is often used for foundations, walls, floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios and swimming pools, as well as in large infrastructure projects such as bridges and dams, concrete tends to be exposed to excessive moisture, extreme temperatures, harmful chemicals, as well as mildew, mould and rust.

All of these can cause concrete to crack and easily deteriorate. So, to ensure concrete will continuously look good and remain functional for a long time, it must be sealed with the right product.

At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), we offer Concreseal® Plastering-M that you can use for levelling, protection and the decorative finishing of concrete and masonry, both outdoors/indoors and underwater on your project or site.

Here’s everything Builders and Architects need to know about our Concreseal® Plastering-M product.

About Concreseal® Plastering-M

Concreseal® Plastering-M is a mono-component rendering mortar composed of cements, carefully controlled silica aggregates and special additives designed for waterproofing, levelling, protection and decoration of concrete and masonry.

As an all-in-one product that serves three functions (waterproofing, protection and decoration) in a single application, you can apply Concreseal® Plastering-M to:

  • swimming pools, facades and other masonry units (pre-cast elements, bricks and rendered walls)
  • water channels, pipelines, settlement tanks in wastewater treatment plants, dams, waterfalls and channels
  • concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles
  • partition walls in new buildings, residential buildings or restoration works in areas subject to the marine environment
  • underground works exposed to negative water pressure like garages, parking areas, basements, tunnels, galleries, subways, etc.
  • surfaces in contact with drinking water
  • substrates coated with Drizoro MAXSEAL® SUPERMAXSEAL foundation ® Maxseal flex M and MAXSEAL® FLEX

3 reasons to use Concreseal® Plastering-M

You can rely on SWP’s Concreseal® Plastering-M to increase the durability of your concrete. As you use it to seal and take care of your concrete on your projects today, you’re also saving yourself from the costs and hassle that come with ongoing repairs in the future.

To understand the value this product provides, here are three main benefits of using Concreseal® Plastering-M that make it suitable for your building or construction project.

1.Concrete protection

Concreseal® Plastering-M has very good substrate adhesion. It fills and seals the porous surface and becomes part of its structure, providing an extra layer of protection.

Our product is also resistant to UV rays and aggressive environments like seacoasts and zones with air pollution. Backed by Concreseal® Plastering-M, you have a long-lasting solution to your concrete with no maintenance required.

2. Decorative finish for concrete

Trust Concreseal® Plastering-M to add aesthetic uniformity and maintain your project’s architectural details of fluting, vertical lines, decorative mouldings and more.

As a product that can easily be applied by using trowel, roller or spray methods, you can rely on Concreseal® Plastering-M to help maintain the colour and neat appearance of your concrete.

3. Concrete waterproofing

With Concreseal® Plastering-M, you can avoid substrate damage due to water ingress and infiltration of other aggressive chemicals.

Concreseal® Plastering-M offers not only high impact resistance but also waterproofing protection against abrasion and wearing, thus preventing substrates that are exposed to water flows from getting damaged.

How to use Concreseal® Plastering-M

To help you get the best results from Concreseal® Plastering-M, we’ve prepared this set of instructions and reminders that can assist you as you use our product for structural repairs and concrete restoration:

Trowel application

  1. Apply the mortar onto the surface by trowel in an even and thick layer with a recommended consumption of 1.7 kg/m2 per mm thickness.
  2. Make sure that Concreseal® Plastering-M is firmly pressed into all voids and apply it in layers between 3.0 to 5.0 mm thickness.
  3. When mortar starts to set – that is, from 20 to 30 min depending on ambient conditions – the surface can then be finished with a sponge, wood, plastic float or trowel based on your desired texture.

Spray Application 

  1. Fill any honeycombs or non-structural voids deeper than 5mm with Concreseal® Plastering-M by using a trowel.
  2. Then, spray one layer of Concreseal® Plastering-M with 3 to 5mm thickness, covering areas from 6 to 8 m2. Once it sets, additional layers can be sprayed as needed to achieve a desired higher thickness or provide a uniform texture. Just make sure, though, to maintain the same distance from the surface. Concreseal® Plastering-M is available in grey or white.
  3. For negative water pressure or water immersion conditions, waterproof using MAXSEAL® SUPER, MAXSEAL foundation ® or MAXSEAL® FLEX as a waterproof coating. After 7 days of curing time, apply Concreseal® Plastering-M as a finish.
  4. To prevent shadowing on deep masonry joints or areas with extremely unequal absorption, first apply one coat of MAXSEAL®. This will allow you to obtain a more regular and homogeneous surface.

Note: the information provided here must be used in conjunction with the appropriate technical data bulletins and material safety data sheets available from our office or website.

Do you want your project to benefit from Concreseal® Plastering-M?

Concreseal® Plastering-M is a one-component concrete sealing product that provides protection, waterproofing and decorative finishing.

Aside from being a nontoxic and solvent-free product, it’s also environmentally friendly. Concreseal® Plastering-M offers ease and convenience of application, requiring no primer and any bonding agent.

If you’d like more guidance about using Concreseal® Plastering-M, simply speak to your local Australian waterproofing specialists at Scientific Waterproofing Products.  

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As always, SWP is committed to providing the right waterproofing solution for any water-related problem or application.

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