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Drizoro Maxroad

Drizoro Maxroad TECHNICAL | MSDS

Drizoro Maxroad – Very Fast-Setting, Cement-Based Repair Mortar For Concrete Paving In Highways, Bridge Decks And Industrial Pavements Exposed To Car Traffic

A cement based, fast setting patching material that develops high compressive strength. Maxroad will allow traffic bearing patches to be put back in service 1 hour after repair completed.



Drizoro Maxroad® is a one-component mortar formulated with special cements, well-graded aggregates, additives and synthetic fibre-reinforced.

Once mixed with water, a high performance mortar is achieved, suitable for urgent repairs and patching, allowing putting into service to traffic in two hours.

Application Fields

  •  Urgent repairs of concrete paving exposed to heavy wheel traffic in highways, bridge decks, parking areas, etc.
  •  Indoor and outdoor repairs of concrete floors in industrial plants, truck docks, airports, warehouses, ramps, etc.
  •  Concrete floor repair, filling of voids and defects prior to levelling surface by application of self-levelling mortars.


  •  Fast-setting: rapid return to service of repaired area after 2 hours.
  •  High mechanical resistance and excellent impact resistance, being fibre-reinforced.
  •  Withstands freeze-thaw cycles.
  •  Good adhesion to concrete.
  •  Suitable for damp surfaces.
  •  Allows layers from 30 to 50 mm thickness.
  •  Chloride-free.
  •  Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, cement base and solvent-free product.