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Treating efflorescence and salts for adhesion of  Maxseal Flex to a masonry substrate.

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Prepare area to be treated by removing any surface efflorescence and loose materials. If required use -POWER CLEAN,  to remove any grease or fatty type residue.

  • Apply EFFLORESCENCE-RID per instructions.
  • Apply SEALTIGHT to the dry to damp substrate.
  • Allow the SEALTIGHT to saturate.
  • Apply MAXSEAL FLEX to the wet surface as per Technical Bulletin.

 Preparation of the surface

Remove excessive build-up of efflorescence Remove all loose material.


APPLY by low pressure pump spray ensuring a uniform and homogeneous coverage  .

Foam appears when efflorescence is present. Apply until “FOAM” begins to appear.

Wait 5-8 minutes, mechanically agitate and re-apply as required, use zero pressure washer to remove efflorescence.

Continue to apply EFFLORESCENCE-RID to areas where foam appears and until foam no longer forms.

Rinse area thoroughly with water.

APPLY -SEALTIGHT to prevent further salt formation

Note – This information is based on information from the manufacturer and from our own experience. The information contained in this specification should be used in conjunction with the appropriate technical data bulletins and material safety data sheets available from our office or website.


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