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How to maintain and preserve your concrete surfaces with SEALTIGHT?

It’s easy to take concrete surfaces for granted.

You might think that because of their durable and solid appearance, it’s difficult for them to deteriorate.

However, you must also keep in mind that concrete surfaces are porous – meaning, they typically absorb water, soluble salts, oils, fuels, fats, grease and acids that can be destructive in the long run.

This is where our Scientific Waterproofing Products’ SEALTIGHT can help.

SEALTIGHT permanently waterproofs, insulates, hardens and preserves materials like concrete, plaster, mortar and even most porous natural stone to ensure your surfaces will look good and remain functional for many years to come.

Let’s discuss the importance of maintaining concrete and the ways you can effectively protect your concrete surfaces with SEALTIGHT.

Why do you need to maintain and preserve your concrete surfaces?

By maintaining your concrete surfaces with a quality waterproofing product like SEALTIGHT, you’ll be able to prevent water from penetrating through the substrate.

Concrete surfaces need to repel moisture and resist stains because the infiltration of water or any other soluble contaminant can lead to damage including:

  • blistering and deterioration of paints
  • mould and bacteria growth
  • concrete cracking and surface scaling
  • and corrosion issues

Through concrete waterproofing, you’re not just protecting your concrete surfaces from extreme weather conditions but also keeping them clean and strong for a longer time.

Why use SEALTIGHT on your concrete surfaces?

SEALTIGHT is not a surface coating, but a penetrating colourless, inorganic transparent liquid that is also non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.

Its inorganic scientific formula works to solidify component parts of masonry, concrete and cement mortars into a single mass, consequently allowing these materials to become waterproofed and resistant to acids, oils, fuels, fats and grease.

SEALTIGHT also improves the density of a substrate, so you can use it to prevent cases of dusting, brick fretting, cracking and seepage.

As a UV-stable product, SEALTIGHT can be applied on:

  • all masonry construction – old or new concrete, bricks, blocks and plastering/render
  • above or below ground – concrete floors, walls, terrazzo and most natural stone
  • new or old construction affected by pollution
  • monuments, public buildings and roads, tunnels, basements, swimming pools decks, dams and subways
  • showers and other wet areas for sealing

How to preserve concrete surfaces with SEALTIGHT

To get excellent results, here’s how you can effectively use SEALTIGHT to maintain and preserve concrete surfaces:

Surface Preparation

  1. Fill all holes and cracks.
  2. Remove dust, grease, unsound particles and loose or cracked paint to optimise the penetration of SEALTIGHT.
  3. Clean the surface to be treated. If salt is present, use EFFLORESCENCE-RID to remove it. The use of BLUEE-POWERCLEAN is also recommended.
  4. If the substrate is in bad condition (i.e. missing mortar lines, holes or spalling concrete), we recommend the use of MAXREST PASSIVE to coat corroding metal, and MAXREST.
  5. Then, allow the surface to dry as much as possible.


  1. SEALTIGHT is applied by back-pack or hand low-pressure spray operating at no more than 20 psi. Here, you must ensure a uniform and homogeneous coverage starting at the bottom – working across the surface and gradually working upwards. It is also essential to saturate the substrate.
  2. Allow SEALTIGHT to cure and penetrate for about 12-24 hours.
  3. You must wipe up any excess SEALTIGHT remaining on the surface after 25 minutes using a damp sponge or mop.
  4. If DRIZORO MAXSEAL FLEX / DRIZORO MAXSEAL FOUNDATION / DRIZORO MAXSEAL is to be applied, make sure to apply immediately while SEALTIGHT is still wet.
  5. Complete curing 4-5 days before painting or using other kinds of applications.

Just remember: the use of SEALTIGHT will depend on substrate condition, porosity or texture.

If you’d like further guidance about using SEALTIGHT, simply speak to your local Australian waterproofing specialists at Scientific Waterproofing Products.

A case study

Last 31 October 2019, we performed an onsite product test at Harrington Grove in NSW.

  • Here, you can see efflorescence from the white mortar that had leached into the dark brickwork.
  • The efflorescence was then removed from the brick substrate using EFFLORESCENCE-RID rid via a spray bottle (that is, with low pressure) in accordance with the technical bulletin.
  • After three successive applications of EFFLORESCENCE-RID (and at the time of application), it can be observed that no colour change was evident in the dark brick
  • The second and third applications of EFFLORESCENCE-RID were applied when the “light foam” caused by the previous application had dissipated.
  • The treated section was rinsed with tap water. The area was completely dry before the application of SEALTIGHT.
  • A dry section of the wall, now without efflorescence, was saturated with SEALTIGHT using a spray bottle (again, low pressure) in accordance with the technical bulletin.
  • As seen, the presence of SEALTIGHT within the brickwork was not visible. However, it’s clear when water is splashed on the surface and it beads off.
  • Analysis reports showed that SEALTIGHT has significantly hardened the mortar.

Get the best waterproofing solutions for concrete surfaces

As your local Australian waterproofing specialists, our team is here to provide you with the right waterproofing products to maintain and preserve your concrete surfaces. We also have a complete range of Drizoro cement-based waterproof coatings for all of your other maintenance, repair and restoration requirements.

If you’ve got other questions or issues around concrete waterproofing, or you’d like to find out which product is best for your needs, contact us today. You can also check out our list of local Drizoro resellers and applicators here.

As always, SWP is committed to providing the right waterproofing solution for any water-related problem or application.

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