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Expanding Demolition Mortar

Drizoro Maxdinamit

Highly Expanding Mortar For Safe Demolitions Without Explosions

MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is a high safety demolition mortar essential and effective when dealing in cases where dynamite is not an option. MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is the definitive alternative to the use of conventional explosives, being not only safer, but in many cases much more economical.


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Shattering and demolition of loose rocks, fixed bedrock with or without access, cracking of beams or columns, walls, demolition of buildings, brides, water reservoirs, safety boxes, silos, chimneys, etc.


  • Quicker and more economical demolitions than using heavy machinery, such as hydraulic hammers, vibration, etc.
  • Produces the breakage in a safe, precise way, without vibration or explosion, hammering noise or tremor, no gases, sparks or accessibility problems. No contamination, or ecological assaults. Does not stop any other job on the site.
  • Does not cause damage to ecosystems whether fauna or flora, being an irreplaceable resource in underwater demolitions.
  • Does not require permits or experience, so it can be used by any workman, anyplace, even in closed or reduced spaces or with difficult access.
  • Is specially indicated in risk areas with presence of flammable or explosive products.
  • It can be used on rocks, reinforced or un-reinforced concrete.
    Useful in large jobs as well as small projects.



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