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Fixing Leaking Ponds

How to Fix Pond Leaks

Don fixing-a-leaking-pond
Fix Leaking Ponds

Although water features are wonderful things to have in a garden, they are very high maintenance. In fact, most ornamental ponds in most gardens leak.  The water level has dropped and the water plants are dying back. The owners are not getting any enjoyment from the pond, because it was always half empty and they were spending their lives topping it up with water.

The most efficient method of fixing leaking ponds is to clean them out and seal them. Drizoro products are ideal for this type of repair which, are able to do the job. These products are specially designed for the waterproofing and restoration of cement and concrete-based construction.

How Fixing Leaking Ponds are done

1. Plants and fish are removed from the pond and placed into containers filled with water. The pond is then drained and thoroughly cleaned. (Tip: mulm from the bottom of the pond makes a good liquid fertiliser for the garden or lawn.) Instead of hiring a gurney to clean the empty pond, a high pressure hose nozzle could used.

2. Holes in the side of the leaking pond are sealed with Drizoro Maxplug. This product must be applied to WET surfaces within 3 minutes of mixing. It then expands and plugs the hole.

3. The entire pond is sealed with a latex-based product called Drizoro Maxseal Flex. An oxide can be added to the mixture to match the existing concrete. (Tip: Apply a second coat of Drizoro Maxseal Flex within 72 hours of the first, then leave for at least 14 days before filling the pond.) The Fixing Leaking Ponds is now complete and the pond was filled with water.

4. Repotting of some of the water plants so that their crowns would sit at water level without the rims of the pots showing. Excess soil can be gently hosed off the top of each pot.

How Get your Fish Back in the Water

5. Water conditioner can be added to the water before putting fish and plants back into the pond. (Note: It’s very important that you read the directions on the packet for curing time required before you can put plants or fish back into the water, otherwise they could die.) If you don’t want to use water conditioner, wait at least 48 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate, before putting fish and placing plants into the water.

6. The fish are floated in the pond in a plastic bag for at least an hour before release, to make sure that the water temperature in the bag matched the water temperature in the pond.

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