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Negative Crack And Penetration

Technical Data PDF


Products required

      • MAXPLUG
      • MAXGRIP


      1. Prepare area to be treated by removing any loose materials ensuring a clean and sound surface free of efflorescence.
      2. For crack filling use a masonry cutting wheel, open the fracture to a width of approx 5mm and a depth of 20mm with a square or dovetail incision.
      3. If water flow is evident use MAXPLUG in the newly formed void to halt the flow of water as per technical data bulletin # 04.04.

If there is no water present then a mortar mix of  MAXGRIP can be used.

      1. If efflorescence is encountered on the soffit  it is recommended that SILOXANE CLEAR be used as per efflorescence specification.
      2. Apply MAXSEAL FLEX to the repaired area min 150mm wide application as per Technical Data Bulletin # 29.05
      3. Leaking penetrations are to be dealt with in the same above manner, 25 mm x 25 mm void around the existing penetration, filling with either MAXPLUG or MAXGRIP and coating with MAXSEAL FLEX 150 mm Dia and coating directly onto the penetration itself.
      4. MAXSEAL FLEX will bond to any surface other than galvanized or rusted metal, glass, HDPE or other oil based products.

Note – This information is based on information from the manufacturer and from our own experience. The information contained in this specification should be used in conjunction with the appropriate technical data bulletins and material safety data sheets available from our office or website.