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Ultra Masonry BLOCK Sealer


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ULTRA MASONRY BLOCK SEALER is a non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable formulation with no equal. It permanently waterproofs and preserves with one easy application.
(Normally with one coat at 200 sq. ft. per gallon.)

MASONRY- A LIFETIME BOND All foreign matter is cancerous to concrete and masonry.

Foreign matter is any acid, alkali or oil found in the masonry or spilled on it (Such as lactic acid in milk, oil, alkali, chemicals, etc.) These cancerous substances imbed themselves in the masonry. Masonry Block Sealer applied to the masonry, concrete, plaster and stucco will penetrate and bind all component parts of the masonry into a more dense or solid mass.

As the masonry increases in density it becomes waterproof, resistant to acid, oil and grease.

MBS stops dusting, rutting & spalling. This process will stop cracking, crumbling, seepage and pitting while increasing the density of the masonry. MBS also increases the tensile strength of the concrete as it fills all the voids preventing any penetration of water or contaminants from the surface either horizontally or vertically. Anything applied only to the surface of the masonry must eventually come off due to aeration and deterioration. MBS, which is locked into the interior, can not deteriorate or wear off. Instead it cures, waterproofs and seals the masonry permanently.

Because Ultra Masonry Block Sealer seals the concrete so well, non-moisture resistant paints such as latex may not bond well. Only a good quality acrylic or oil based paint should be used over a ULTRA treated surface. After treating the masonry with ULTRA MASONRY Block SEALER, no foreign substance can penetrate into the masonry and will stay on the surface where it can be washed off easily.

All masonry treated with ULTRA MASONRY Block SEALER will stop disintegrating. You will no longer be able to remove a portion of the concrete, brick, stucco etc. surface by running your finger across the surface based on the fact that component parts of the masonry are solidified into one mass, rather than a billion independent particles.

Ultra Masonry Block Sealer-untreated
Untreated Concrete 
Treated with Ultra MBS


For industrial, commercial and residential use on concrete, brick, stucco and all masonry. For homes, warehouses, commercial buildings, factories, roads, tunnels, bridge decks, parking lot structures, driveways, concrete roofs, subways and basements. Use inside or outside on new or old masonry. Authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat packing plants and poultry houses.

Available in 5, 10 and 20 Litre Containers

Ultra Masonry Block Sealer seals all types of masonry
Ultra Masonry Block Sealer seals all types of masonry

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