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Maxmesh – Woven Fibreglass Membrane Reinforcement

MaxMesh – Woven Fibreglass Membrane Reinforcement


MAXMESH is a woven fiberglass mesh Membrane Reinforcement designed for use with waterproofing coatings to reinforce and strengthen in areas subject to movement.


To reinforce and strengthen MAXSEAL FLEX in areas such as; • Cold joints where substrates meet, for example a brick or block wall on a concrete slab. • Cracked concrete.


  • MAXMESH is an open weave mesh allowing adhesion between coats of waterproof product.
  • It does not form a barrier between coats.
  • MAXMESH remains strong and flexible.

Application Instructions

1. Apply first coat of Maxseal Flex, as per product directions.

2. Push the MAXMESH into the still wet first coat. Then run a brush over the mesh to ensure that it is well embedded into the first coat.

3. Leave overnight between coats and apply subsequent coat as per product directions.

4. When complete the MAXMESH should not be visible through the second coat.


Packaging: MAXMESH is supplied in 200mm x 50mtr rolls.

Construction: • Warp: 79 per 100mm (20 per inch) • Weft: 39 per 100mm (10 per inch)
Yarn: • Warp: 34 x 1 tex • Weft: 68 x 1 tex
Thickness: 0.13mm

Fabric Weight: 55 g/m2

Tensile Strength: • Warp: 95 N/cm • Weft: 104 N/cm
Glass Type: Fiberglass type E, Low Alkali

Maxmesh-Woven Fibreglass Membrane ReinforcementWoven fibreglass Membrane reinforcement used in conjunction with Maxseal Flex. Maxmesh is used to reinforce and strengthen areas such as wall floor intersections, cracks in suspended slabs, slabs, cold joints and construction joints.

Maxmesh Woven fibreglass Membrane Reinforcement comes in Roll 200mm x 50 metres.



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