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How & Why to Use CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for Your Next Waterproofing Project.

How & Why to Use CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for Your Next Waterproofing Project.

Introducing CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL the sprayapplied waterproofing product designed to protect concrete against water, chloride and other chemical attacks.

Able to seal cracks in concrete up to 2.2mm, the product remains reactive in the concrete to seal future hairline cracks upon contact with water.

But its true highlight is that it’s designed to provide waterproofing for the entire design lifetime of a structure.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • what CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is
  • why it’s the ideal choice for waterproofing
  • where and when it should be applied, and
  • how to use it effectively.

We’ll also
answer some frequently asked questions along the way to assist your application processes and ensure you use the product both safely and effectively.

CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is a durable, yet fast-acting and cost-effective waterproofing technology, offering relief from frustrating concrete cracks and fractures. So, let’s unpack how CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL can expedite your next waterproofingproject.


CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is a sprayapplied, liquid waterproofing product that forms a barrier inside fully-cured concrete to harden and protect the concrete from corrosion and degradation for the design life of the structure.

The product reacts with calcium to form a waterinsoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel that seals the pores and capillaries of the concrete and cracks up to 2.2mm. Uniquely, the CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL product will also remain reactive in the concrete to seal future hairline cracks upon contact with water.

Developed by Construction Material Alliance, CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL caters to anextensive variety of surfaces and because of its ability to withstand thermal stress, CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is particularly suitable for areas of exposed concrete such as:

  • wharves,
  • car parks,
  • driveways.
  • bridge decks,
  • rooftops & podiums,
  • landscaped areas,
  • precast panels, and
  • marine structures,

But to understand the
real benefits and power of CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL, we’ll need to dive a little deeper.

Why choose CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for your waterproofing needs?

CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL boasts several unique features and benefits that contribute to its popularity.

Most notably, CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL offers a waterproofing solution that lasts for the design lifetime of a structure and remains active to seal future hairline cracks, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve invested in a long-term waterproofing solution.

Likewise beneficial is the product’s easy spray-on application that ensures faster and more cost-effective project completion for a diverse range of construction needs.

In fact, the CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL product also stands out from conventional waterproofing solutions because it is trafficable in just 2-6 hours after application.

This further boosts efficiency without compromising stability, as the product hardensconcrete to a higher level (9 on the Mohs scale) than granite (6-8 Mohs Scale).

Other unique benefits of CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL include:

      ✓ Non-toxic
      ✓ Environmentally friendly
      ✓ Does not require a screed
      ✓ Suitable for ponding water
      ✓ Straightforward onecoat application
      ✓ No bonding issues as occur with many other membranes
      ✓ Increases the bond of concrete and cementitious materials by 80%

How to apply CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for optimal results

Here’s the best way to apply CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL. Follow each of these steps to ensure your waterproofing is done right:

  1. Choose appropriate application equipment: Select either a backpack sprayer or a motorised pump depending on your project size.
  2. Prepare the surface: Ensure the concrete is properly vibrated, with a minimum of 20MPa, and that the surface is clean, dry, and free from any materials that may hinder penetration.
  3. Apply: Spray the CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL product onto the surface until the concrete won’t absorb any more, making covering cracks as needed at a rate of approximately 1 litre per 3 lineal meters.
  4. Allow drying time: Let the surface dry until touch dry, generally within 2-5 hours depending on climate. If temperatures fall below +5°C or rise above +40°C contact usfor specific instructions.
  5. Water generously: CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL cannot be overwatered so water the surface generously both 24 and 48 hours after the initial application to facilitate optimal absorption. Feel free to pond the area to confirm the effectiveness of the product.


FAQ #1 What if I am applying the product to vertical surfaces?

Apply as per the instructions above, however, apply the first coat at 1 litre to 10m2 then, before the product has dried, apply the second coat, also at 1 litre to 10m2 toprevent excess product from running down the wall.

FAQ #2 How do I know the concrete is dry enough to apply CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL?

It’s best to apply CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL when the surface is visually dry, however, the drier the better. Ideally, the surface should be dry so that the product is absorbed by capillary action. If you are still unsure, use a moisture tester.


REMINDER: some things to be cautious of when CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL

In addition to following the step-by-step application process, it’s essential to keep a few key considerations in mind when using CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL to ensure you use the product both safely and effectively.


  1. CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is not suitable for sealing structural, working or volatile cracks caused by mechanical damage.
  2. CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is not recommended for negativeside waterproofing. Where waterproofing from the negative side is required, use DRIZORO MAXSEALFLEX.
  3. Do not spray CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL onto glass, aluminium, wood or painted surfaces or etching may occur. Should contact occur, immediately rinse with water to minimise the etching.
  4. CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is not suitable for sealing where segregations and voids are likely, such as design cracks, expansion joints and penetrations.

With SWP’s CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL, you can enjoy an easily applied, lifetime waterproofing solution.

At Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP), our CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL prevents water and chemical damage for the design life of the product.

Like the rest of our waterproofing products, the CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL is environmentally friendly and is registered by The International EPD® System and EPD Australasia, meaning you can protect your project, your clients and the environment.

Get the best waterproofing products for your next project with SWP.

At Scientific Waterproofing Products, our team is here to provide you with the right solutions for your unique waterproofing situation with the spray-applied CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL.

If you want to learn more about our other high-quality waterproofing products and why theyre the ideal solution for your permanent formwork,contact us today!

As always, we’re committed to providing you with the right waterproofing solution for any water-related problem or application.

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