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How & Why to Use CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for Your Next Waterproofing Project.

How & Why to Use CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL for Your Next Waterproofing Project. Introducing CMA100® ULTRA CLEARSEAL – the spray-applied waterproofing product designed to protect concrete against water, chloride and other chemical attacks. Able to seal cracks in concrete up to 2.2mm, the product remains reactive in the concrete to seal future hairline cracks upon […]

Case Study: Maximising Waterproofing Efficiency with Maxseal Traffic

The Situation In an inner-city suburb of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), a block of apartments faced a critical challenge involving water leaking through the concrete slab over the property’s underground parking area. The leaks primarily affected the block’s podium(courtyard) area. In response, and to avoid any threats to the integrity of the […]

How and Why to Waterproof Your Concrete Driveway with CMA100® Ultra Clearseal.

All concrete structures are subject to at least some level of degradation over time. The same goes for your concrete driveway, especially given the constant wear and tear it faces from relentless weathering to the continuous stress of vehicular traffic. While this may not seem like a pressing issue, solving small levels of degradation in […]

Do you need to waterproof your swimming pool?

As water is the main element in a pool, most people simply assume that all swimming pools are already waterproofed. However, most swimming pools aren’t waterproofed! This makes them incredibly susceptible to leaks, surface damage and other water-related problems, especially over time. So, if you’re planning to build your own swimming pool or maintain your […]

How To Correctly Render Or Tile Your Permanent Formwork

In our previous permanent formwork blog, we discussed the importance of waterproofing formwork at its cold joint base. Now that it’s waterproofed, what comes next is rendering or tiling this permanent formwork to enhance its durability, quality and overall look. By adding acrylic render, tiles, brick-biscuits or stone cladding to the surface of permanent formwork, […]

How to safely demolish rocks and concrete slabs without heavy equipment or explosives

Traditional demolition methods of using heavy equipment and explosives often come with risks and inconveniences. Along with the possibility of damaging the surrounding areas and structures, these approaches can make people uncomfortable through excess noise pollution, vibrations and flying debris they can produce. Fortunately, there’s an alternative solution you can rely on – that is, […]

Is Your Permanent Formwork Waterproofed At The Cold Joint Base

Permanent formwork is a critical step in concrete construction. It’s come a long way from the original temporary wood frameworks. Today, permanent formwork is composed of specially designed braces and moulds to hold concrete as it sets until it hardens and becomes strong enough to support itself. To ensure its durability and functionality, this permanent […]

How to address the problem of water leaking through walls

Water is essential for every household, but it can also be destructive when left unmanaged in the wrong places. Leaking water through walls is a good example of this. Excess moisture in your walls is often absorbed into the flooring, drywall, ceilings, wooden support beams and sheetrock, which can damage the overall structural integrity of […]

How to waterproof water tanks made of bricks and concrete blocks

Water tanks are typically built using durable materials like bricks and concrete blocks to hold and store mass amounts of water in households and other properties. But over time, water tank cracks can start to occur as these bricks and concrete blocks deteriorate due to several factors, including: This cracking can lead to bigger problems […]

How to protect your planter boxes with waterproofing

Planter boxes are a great addition to the outdoor spaces of residential, commercial and industrial properties. They enable you to grow and nurture plants, flowers and trees, bringing a natural greenery to the facade and a breath of fresh air to your premises. With planter boxes, you can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any […]